Hi, I'm Olga Blom

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Growing up I never realized that make-up artistry was a career. I loved to paint, draw and create, so the revelation that I could put my talents to use and apply it to the face as my canvas was a thrilling discovery!

Right after High School I enrolled at Blanche Macdonald and soon after graduation I began my career with MAC Cosmetics. Over the next 15 years I have fine tuned my craft by working on numerous projects and doing what I love most; making people feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside.



My favourite thing about make-up artistry is that I absolutely love working with people. I know lots of people who will say that, but I truly am a people person. I love to chat, laugh and have a great time with all my clients while being creative and social.

After my long and rewarding career with MAC Cosmetics, I am so excited to return to freelancing. Weddings are my specialty, it is such a great privilege and honour to be invited into a Bride’s big day. It’s a day filled with so much excitement and love! Weddings are my primary focus and this is where the future of my career lies.



My inspiration comes from the beauty I see in every person I get to meet or work with.

A strong, confident person who stays true to him/herself and someone who is unique and beautiful only in a way that is their own. This is something that I always aim to translate through my work as I truly do believe that beauty starts on the inside.

Make-up can be transformative, but for me it’s not about piling it on and creating something that isn’t there (though I can definitely do that). It’s about drawing from my experience and using the right techniques and perfect placement of product that will bring out your features in the most flattering way.

There’s no greater satisfaction for me than being able to make a client’s vision of their beauty come to life through a brush in my hand.